Tameshigiri, also know as ‘test cutting’ is not as large of a part of our art as it is for some others. But a few times a year we get some straw mats and slice them with swords. It’s a useful training tool to point out weaknesses in your form; when you fail to cut the mat it’s obvious that you did something wrong. It is also fun on a very visceral level.

Last night we cut for the first time since October. It was clear that I am badly out of practice, but never mind that. I also took some pictures, and while most of them look terrible, I really liked how this one turned out, artistically speaking:


Photo Sampler

We’ve always had a bit of a shortage of photographs on our website. We’ve really wanted to have professional quality pictures but have never made the time to do it right. Perfectionism is a bit of a problem, but on the other hand one is judged by what is on one’s website.

However, it feels like on a blog, more casual training photos are acceptable. Gary took a bunch of photos of Glen and I on Monday night, and I’m sticking a few of the action shots here. We’ll probably put up some more later with descriptions and break-downs of techniques.

The Garage

A Jo Takeaway

Another Jo Takeaway

Jutte vs Sword

Another Jutte Throw

Side-Kick Defence

A Sword Drill

Sword vs. Sword Throw

Tripping with a Yari