Promotion Info

To whom it may concern,
Grover has done a lot to promote the school since he became a student, and has earned this promotion. A promotion to a position within the school that I have not filled in over 10 years.

Grover is now responsible for all school related information/advertisement that exits the school, inquires about seminars, and any and all related topics that help promote the school and the art of Yachigua Ryu Aiki Bugei.

Anyone needing to contact Mr. Reece regarding school business should use the following e-mail

*Note: Spencer Burns will still be editor of the school blog. Sorry Spencer, but who else could deal with my lousy spelling, wordiness, and bad grammar.

Life in the new web

We’ve all been pretty inwardly focused for the past few years, but as good San Franciscans, we’re moving past our luddite tendencies and slowly moving forward with technology.

I’ve finally abandoned Blogger in favor of WordPress, in hopes that easier maintenance will mean more posting.  Personally, I’ve got quite a lot I’d like to write about if I can find the focus and time to do so.

Our main website,, is still all “old fashioned” bespoke HTML that I maintain (and was recently down for a month on account of old fashioned server problems). The San Francisco dojo now has its own website at

There are a couple different pages on Facebook:  We have a “group” for San Francisco Aikijutsu, a “place” for the San Francisco dojo,  and a “page” for the school as an organization.

I’ve been trying to get Glen to take up Twitter and Gary to take up Pinterest, but given that I won’t touch either myself, I’m not very convincing.

Don’t expect an iPhone app any time soon.

School Info Update

As previously mentioned, Glen Hunt is now the San Francisco Dojo-Cho, and Gary Moro is teaching classes in Antioch, CA.

We’ve updated our contact information to reflect this:

For information about Yachigusa Aiki Bugei in general or classes in Antioch, California contact Gary Moro at 925-206-4079 or at

For information about classes in San Francisco contact Glen Hunt at 415-401-5901 or at

Information about Yachigusa Ryu Aiki Bugei can also be located on Facebook.

School Information / Updates

For all those that may care about the internal politics here at Yachigusa-Ryu Aiki Bugei let it be known that:

  1. As of November 15th., 2009 Gary Moro, Kyoshi will be moving to the city of Antioch located in Contra Costa County, CA, and begin teaching formally in that area.
  2. The new school in Contra Costa County, once established, will become the Hombu Dojo (administrative headquarters) for Yachigusa-Ryu Aiki Bugei, and all matters relating to the art will be under the supervision of Gary Moro, Kyoshi.
  3. Glen Hunt is formally awarded the rank of Shidoshi Ho (Junior Level Instructor) and promoted to Dojo Cho (Head instructor for the San Francisco branch school).

Time Flies

For those of you who might be regular readers of this blog, I want to assure you that Spencer and I have not abandoned it, and have every intention of posting a lot more material in the future. Unfortunately, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to do everything we want to get done, and due to the fact that work and family obligations our our priority posting new material has just taken a back seat to the rest of our lives.

Please bear with us during this respite, and rest assure more entries will be forthcoming.