It’s been a long three years since we’ve been posting to the blog regularly.    In that time, I’ve started two new jobs, had my first son (with another now on the way), and shattered the navicular bone in my foot after being hit by a car.

I took a full two years off from martial arts after the accident. This was partly because of pain and slow healing, and partly because I was busy enough that I didn’t find the motivation to push through the pain. I’ve finally started practicing once a week this Winter, and it has felt good. Whether through injury, introspection, or age, I’ve become much softer and my techniques have changed.

In the meantime, Glen has been teaching well and the dojo has remained a good community. While the blog has been frozen out, one of our students, Grover has been maintaining a Facebook Group. I know that Gary has still been writing in the meantime, and I’ll start getting some more of his content up in the next while.