Missing in Inaction

I just wanted to let folks know that Gary and I are still here and haven’t given up on writing, we’ve just both had a busy year with small children and haven’t had a lot new to say. It’s been a time to refocus on the basics.

It seems to me that we aren’t the only ones at a loss for words recently. There haven’t been many interesting discussions in the past year or so on blogs and message boards. I am curious to what degree this is cyclical, as folks have gotten tired of the boards and the arguing (just as there was a lot of discussion over email lists in the ’90s that descended into sectarian arguments and then dissipated). Or perhaps traditional martial arts are just in a lull with shifting cultural trends and the dire economy.

The one big exception is there have been some long simmering discussions, largely on the Non-Aikido forum of AikiWeb, about developing internal strength in the aiki arts. It seems that some practitioners are trying to apply both modern science and the theories of Chinese internal martial arts to understand deep aspects of the Japanese arts. If one can sift through repetitive arguments, there’s some useful gems. I’m hopeful that there’s an intellectual movement happening that could bear fruit in the future.


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