"No Bullshido," The Movie

A funny thing about practicing in a space right on the street is that all of the neighborhood comes walking by. In The Mission, we get a lot of weirdos walking by to be sure, but I always suspect that they think it is us who are the weirdos in funny costumes. Plenty of normal people stop and stare as well; I suppose we are just local color in San Francisco.

A few weeks ago a guy walked up to us on a Friday evening and introduced himself. He said he lived in the neighborhood and had seen us practicing before. He went on to explain that he was working on a film competition and wanted any advice or help we could give him. He and a group of folks needed to make a short film with the topic of ‘martial arts’, and the entire project had to be completed within 48 hours.

Gary offered to help them with choreography and with props. In the end, they decided to do their film as a comedy; thus they did not need to worry about the choreography being practiced and did that on their own. However, they did use our dojo as the set for the first scene and borrowed some costume elements from us.

I think the whole idea of this contest is great, I can see how the time limit would really inspire passion and dedication in the participants. It really sounds like a lot of fun. The film, titled “No Bullshido”, turned out pretty well too. I like the balance they kept of making fun of the protagonist and his martial arts with a light touch.

The film and a description of the project is available at:

A direct link to the video is: http://burntwire.tv/burntwiretv21_h264.mp4

The 48 Hour Film Project: http://48hourfilm.com/sanfrancisco/


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