This is a blog to discuss what’s going on at the Yachigusa-Ryu dojo in San Francisco, and whatever other thoughts about martial arts, samurai, and so forth occur to us.

For background on what our art is, the main website is at It’s currently a bit out of date, but we hope to spiff it up soon.

In a short version: Gary teaches classical samurai martial arts in the Mission District of San Francisco. He teaches both unarmed arts (aikijutsu and jujutsu) and weapon arts including sword (kenjutsu) and spear (sojutsu).

Yachigusa-Ryu is a family art and is not affiliated with any other style or organization. See the website.

Given the querulous nature of martial artists, this blog will not be opened up for comments at this time. If you wish to email us feedback, or especially questions, we will publish or address them–provided they are courteous. Gary can be reached at I can be reached at

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of polite discourse. In truth we all tend to have strong opionins here and speak our minds a bit too clearly. Although we might lapse into ego, sectarianism, and occasional human failings, we will try to do it with tact and ask the same of readers.

This is not the transmission of wisdom from a master, but the wanderings of students.